Our Guides

Our Guides

Balázs Szigeti

Balázs is a dedicated birdwatcher & director of Ecotours Wildlife Holidays Ltd. He is based in Budapest. He speaks perfect English, has a great sense of humour & has travelled widely in Eastern Europe, West Africa and the Americas. He is a gifted birdwatcher able to imitate many European birdcalls… even a nightjar… no mean feat! He is also a keen wildlife photographer. He is leading tours to most of Eastern Europe and Mongolia.

Attila Steiner

Attila is a keen birdwatcher and naturalist. He has been working for WWF on species conservation and wildlife trade before joining Ecotours Wildlife Holidays. He has travelled extensively through most of Europe, Africa, Asia and the American continent. He speaks English, German and Spanish. He has a good knowledge of not only birds, but butterflies and dragonflies as well. He has a special sense of humour. Attila is leading tours to most countries in Eastern Europe, plus Ghana and Ethiopia.

István Bártol

István graduated as a biologist at the University of Science in Szeged and attended a bird ecology PhD course. Since then he has been working as a warden in the Kiskunság National Park. Being another enthusiastic and friendly member of the Ecotours Wildlife Holidays team he is tirelessly looking after our clients ensuring a great holiday. He speaks English, Serbian and Spanish, and he has widely visited Europe including the countries of former Yugoslavia, Romania and Poland. István has four children and lives in Tiszaalpár, a quiet and beautiful village on the border of Kiskunság National Park. He is leading tours to Hungary, Montenegro & Albania, Croatia.

Sándor Boldogh

Sándor is graduated at the Kossuth University in Debrecen as an ecologist. Currently he works for the Aggtelek National Park Directorate as a zoologist. He is an enthusiastic nature conservationist who regularly organizes special projects in habitat and species management. He frequently insulates electric pylons for protection of birds and continues long term monitoring surveys (small mammals, birds, bats). Sándor is a specialist of bats; he published several scientific papers and got a PhD in chiropterology. He is also an experienced field ornithologist and familiar with small mammals as well. He likes caving, cycling and reading but what he loves most is being outside in nature with his large family. He is leading tours to Hungary and Slovakia .

Béla Tokody

Bela speaks excellent English, and is a cheerful and very informative person. He is a native Hungarian, a keen birder. He lives in the South of the country, in the city of Szeged, and he is a well-known figure of the Hungarian birding circles. He graduated in forest management and has another diploma as a lawyer. Actually works for Birdlife Hungary, as project manager of the project holding the title: “Conservation of the European Roller in the Carpathian Basin”, and he is also member of the board of directors of the Hungarian ringing (banding) committee.

Csaba Lendvai

Csaba graduated at the Eötvös Lóránd University as a biologist. He has been a keen birdwatcher since the age of fifteen. He works for BirdLife Hungary as a coordinator of waterbird monitoring and white stork conservation programs. Since 2004 he has been Secretary of the Budapest Local Group of the BirdLife Hungary assisting in the public enviromental education events of the Society. Csaba has travelled widely visiting most of the Western Palearctic, Peru, India, the Gambia, Cambodia, Thailand and Mexico. He is our Poland specialist and is also leading tours to Hungary and Slovakia.

Milan Vogrin

Milan is an ecologist, specialist for animal ecology, specially for birds, reptiles and amphibians. Familiar with inventarisation, monitoring, renaturation of habitats. Leader of different ecological camps for youth and students. Lead and successfully finished more then 30 projects. Professional adviser and co-worker for the national television. Photographer with many exhibitions and awards, photos was published in various journals and books home and abroad. Author and co-author of more then 500 articles in Slovene or English in various scientific journals home and abroad as well in popular journals.

Endre Soós

Endre graduated at the University of Veterinary Science in 1995. He has a diploma on Endangered Species Management and is presently the Head of Veterinary Department at the Budapest Zoo. In 1996 he spent a month in Tanzania, filming chimpanzees with Jane Goodall at the Gombe National Park. Endre is a keen birdwatcher, who visited Europe, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Australia and Ghana.

Gábor Kovács

Gábor has been working as a ranger in Hortobágy National Park for decades. His knowledge of the area and its wildlife is legendary. He published and contributed to many publications on the avifauna of Hortobágy. He is a talented and keen nature photographer; his photos appeared in a wide number of books and periodicals. Gábor Kovács is our local guide in the Hortobágy National Park.

Stefan Matis

Stefan is the main organizer and coordinator of the faunistical study of the bat fauna of Eastern Slovakia. He has prepared protection plans and he was the author and co-author of about 30 scientific articles. His area of research also includes the study of the population dynamic of several bird species. He has achieved good results in protecting Corncrake in the National Park, and he is also an active bird ringer. For the last several years he has been a ranger of the Slovak Karst National Park. Stefan is our local guide in the Slovak Karst.

András Bőhm

András has been a birdwatcher since 1984. Graduated as a biology&geography teacher, he has been working for nature conservation since 1997. Currently he works for the National Inspectorate for Environment, Nature and Water. András is an experienced field ornithologist. His friendly and calm manner ensures you will have a great time with him. He has an excellent knowledge in botany and he is familiar with butterflies as well. He has been leading tours to Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

Tibor Danyik

Tibor graduated as a nature conservation engineer at the University of West Hungary in Sopron and he is currently a PhD student at the University of Science in Szeged. Since 2008 he has been working for Körös-Maros National Park as an entomologist. His main interest is in Odonata, Orthoptera and Macrolepidoptera, but he has a good knowledge of most other artrophods and he is an expert of macrophytic seaweeds. His main research topics are invasive ecology, faunistic survey and monitoring, conservation of endangered species. He speaks English well. He is a keen wildlife illustrator. You will meet Tibor on most of our dragonfly and some butterfly trips

Monika Szladik

Monika graduates in the faculty of humanities. She is interested in arts, culture and history. Based in Budapest she strengthens the EWH team with the administration, customer care and she is very enthusiastic about showing around our clients in Budapest. She also travelled in Europe, West Africa and South-America. Monika is very kind and caring, likes to accompany the tours, and delight in nature.

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