Culturally, historically and scenically Ethiopia is one of the most amazing countries in Africa; a land of superlatives, extremities, where Simien Wolfs roam the mountains and Lammergeiers rule the skies. Dominated by the breathtaking highlands and filled with the richest historical heritage of the entire continent, Ethiopia is one of the most popular and enigmatic destinations in Africa. Ethiopias 9 national parks and 4 wildlife sanctuaries are well-known for their diverse fauna and flora. The extraordinary and unique wildlife includes many endemic species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and flowers.
Our regular itinerary follows the usual birding circuit with the Rift Valley Lakes, Bale Mountains, Yabello and Awash National Park. As an extension further areas of birding and cultural interest can be added.

Holiday in Ethiopia

The endemic wildlife of Ethiopia

Ethiopia, 17 days

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