Ghana is your dream come true, a treasure trove of birdlife, with 722 species observed so far! Our Bird Safari offers excellent birding opportunities on the “Gold Coast” of West Africa, with sunshine, breath-taking views, hospitable people, abundant wildlife and hundreds of exotic bird and butterfly species. The tour explores many superb habitats from the coastal wetlands, through lush broad-leaved Upper Guinea forests to the dry savannah of the Sahel. Ghana is the best place to see the enigmatic Yellow-headed Picathartes along with a long list of Upper Guinea endemic birds and other interesting species. As if this wasn’t enough, Mole National Park provides an excellent opportunity to observe African savannah mammals.
Due to the extreme friendliness and goodwill of its people and the political stability over the last decades, it remains the most secure country in the region. English is spoken everywhere, and this, coupled with the recent infrastructure development, ensures Ghana will prove an excellent choice for your African birding holiday.

Holiday in Ghana

Safari on the Gold Coast of Africa

Ghana, 16 days

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