Bulgaria is one of Europe’s foremost destinations for birdwatching and wildlife tours. An exciting location, the country boasts scenic landscapes, attractive churches and monasteries, traditional villages and rich nature reserves. There is a wide variety of different habitats; heart-warming alpine mountain meadows, breath-taking river valleys, endless coniferous and beech forests, Mediterranean maquis, wetlands, shallow coastal lakes and lagoons are all conveniently quick to reach.
Our round trip takes us to the best locations in the country, from the high Vitosha Mountains to the Black Sea Coast. The Central Balkan National Park lies close to the capital, Sofia, rich in both alpine habitat and beech forest. The Rhodope Mountains are famous for their scenic gorges with Wallcreeper sites and vulture feeding tables. The Sakar and Strandja Mountains lie along the Turkish border and are a paradise for raptors, as well as being extraordinarily rich in its diversity of fauna and flora. The Black Sea Coast is characterized by shallow lakes, coastal sand dunes, huge grasslands and beautiful riverine forests.
Our winter tour brings us to the most reliable site for masses of wintering Red-breasted Geese to be found at Lake Durankulak and its environs This trip is combined with the Black Sea Coast of Romania and offers extensions to the Southern Carpathian Mountains or a trip by boat along the Danube Delta.
The trip to Bulgaria can be specially tailored to suit your needs, whether that be a different time schedule, some new destinations or extra days.

Holidays in Bulgaria

Spring in Bulgaria – Pelicans and Vultures

Bulgaria, 9 days

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Winter in Bulgaria and Romania – Red-breasted Geese quest

Bulgaria, Romania, 7 or 10 days

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