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Croatia lies on the Adriatic Sea, stretching from the Julian Alps deep into the Carpathian Basin and to the valleys of the River Danube and the Drava. It has a harsh but beautiful 5,835km of coastline, much belonging to the country’s islands, cliffs and reefs. With 1,185 islands it is little wonder that Croatia is known as the country of a thousand islands. Krk, lying close to the mainland and the port town of Rijeka, is the largest of them. The varied habitats of Croatia have a fascinating variety of bird, butterfly and reptile species. Our tours take you to key locations along the coast and further inland in search of Griffon Vulture, Rock Partridge, Western Rock Nuthatch, Sombre Tit and many other sought-after species.
We can organize birdwatching, butterfly and botany tours from 4 days up in Croatia and our holidays can be tailor made to your needs and list of species. The tours can be combined with Slovenia to include the Alps and other interesting areas.

Holidays in Croatia

Rock Partridges along the Dalmatian Coast

Croatia, 8 days

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The Alps and the Adriatic Coast

Croatia, Slovenia, 9 days

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Wildlife Holiday in Slovenia and Croatia

Croatia, Slovenia, 8 days

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