Romania holds many secrets; traditions long forgotten in most parts of Europe remain an important part of rural life today. Peasant farming still survives, resulting in a countryside very high in biodiversity, a pleasing pace of life and tasty country food!
The country’s birdlife is one of the richest on the continent, while the untouched forests are the territory of the main population of European Brown Bears, Wolves and Lynx. The Danube Delta is probably the most important wetland of Europe. Passing a few days and nights at the heart of the Delta on a Floating Hotel is birdwatching at its most relaxing! Transylvania is prized for its delightful landscapes, scenic gorges and twinkling lakes, swaying hay meadows and endless forests. A visit to the Carpathian Mountains is a fine opportunity to observe exciting mountain species and to view elusive mammals.
You will be lost in time as you pass with us through medieval landscapes, historical towns and castles, admiring the breath-taking scenery! And don’t forget: for 8 months of the year there is a very high probability of observing Brown Bears in Romania!

Holidays in Romania

Birds and bears – Danube Delta and the land of Dracula

Romania, 10 days

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The famous Hortobágy and Transylvania

Hungary, Romania, 9 days

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Winter in Bulgaria and Romania – Red-breasted Geese quest

Bulgaria, Romania, 7 or 10 days

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