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With its unspoilt nature, delightful alpine landscapes, short travelling distances and well-developed infrastructure Slovakia is a wonderful birding destination. The High and Low Tatras offer beautiful mountain scenery and vast coniferous forests with all of Europe’s woodpeckers, as well as owls, grouses and alpine species. The region of the Slovak Karst with its limestone gorges, mature beech and mixed forests is home to an abundance of raptors, owls and woodpeckers. Brown Bears are frequently sighted in the areas we visit; the availability of several observation hides gives the best chance of seeing this fascinating species on one of our tours.
The holiday in Slovakia can easily be combined with Hungary visiting the famous steppes of Hortobágy or with southern Poland.

Holidays in Slovakia

Spring in Slovakia – woodpeckers and owls

Slovakia, 8 days

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Kiskunság steppe and the mountains of Slovakia

Hungary, Slovakia, 9 days

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