Birding Tours Calendar

Birding tours in 2020-2021

March 2020

Wallcreeper and Red-breasted Goose – Hungary in Winter

1-6 March, Hungary

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April 2020

Spring in Slovakia – woodpeckers and owls

14-18 April, Slovakia

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Birding in Georgia and Armenia

24 April – 7 May, Georgia and Armenia

24-30 April, Georgia only

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May 2020

Photography tour

30 April – 5 May; 12-17 May; 19-24 May, Hungary

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Birding in the ultimate East of Europe

10-17 May, Belarus

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Spring in Hungary

24-31 May, Hungary

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Birds and bears – Danube Delta and the land of Dracula

28 May – 6 June, Romania

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June 2020

“Beauty and the Beast” with David Lindo (9 days)

6-14 June, Slovenia

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Hungarian butterfly and dragonfly holiday

7-14 June, Hungary

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Wilderness in the heart of Asia

12-24 June, Mongolia

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Eastern Hungary, a paradise for butterflies

21-28 June, Hungary

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July 2020

Slovenia Butterfly tour

19-26 July, Hungary and Slovenia

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Mongolian Big 5

25 July – 3 August, Mongolia

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August 2020

Ultimate small mammal holiday

3-9 August, Hungary and Slovakia

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Migration Special

23-30 August, Hungary

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October 2020

Crane Spectacular

18-25 October, Hungary

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November 2020

Birding in Ethiopia

20 November-5 December, Ethiopia

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February 2021

Safari on the Gold Coast of Africa

1-17 February, Ghana

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