Mobile bird photography hide

Waterside and Mobile Hide Gallery

These pictures were taken by Mark Curley in our waterside and mobile bird photography hides. Copyright for all images rests at all times with Mark Curley.

These photos were taken at the waterside bird photo hides by various photographers

New photos taken form the mobile photography hides on on the latest tours.

Ruff and Spotted Redshank at the waterside bird photography hides in this April. Photos by Mary Braddock

The 2014 bird photography season started with amazing photos by Peter Molnar and Imre Kiss at our waterside and mobile bird photography hides: Geese, Buzzards, Woodpeckers

The following pictures were taken by Mary Braddock, Palánkai Zsolt and Molnár Péter at different places of the marshland using our mobile bird photography hides.

bird photography and birding tours Hungary and Eastern Europe - Bee-eater on a branch

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