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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Many of you may have questions how the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will impact on your current or future holidays with us.
The safety of our guests is always our top priority and we are closely and continuously monitoring the coronavirus situation. Our sources of information are the websites of the UK Government's Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and our local partners.
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Private 2-days birding holiday in Hungary

100+ species, fantastic views
In Hungary the breeding season of most of species ends in June that makes it far more difficult to find most species. But fortunately, it was not an impossible task for us! We spent two days at the beginning of July, with our nice guests, Bill and Karen from the US, on a birding tour in Hungary. We started both days from Budapest in the early hours. We spent the first day in Kiskunság National Park looking for steppe birds. On the second day we drove a little further to the Bükk Hills in search of woodland species. We observed more than 100 species of birds during the two days and some nice mammals too like European Souslik. Luckily, and after some hard work we saw all the major target species such as Eastern Imperial Eagle, Saker Falcon, Red-footed Falcon and Great Bustard. We saw some interesting birds as well like River, Grasshopper and Barred Warbler, Lesser Grey Shrike, Stone Curlew, Hawfinch and Little Owl. We saw the colorful European Roller, European Bee-eater and Eurasian Hoopoe as well in good numbers. We were quite lucky with woodpeckershaving fantastic views of Middle and Lesser Spotted as well as Syrian Woodpeckers, which are especially hard to find this time. It was a special pleasure for us that although Bill's life list was already over 6,000 species, we still managed to show several lifers for him. We spent two fantastic days together. See you soon on another Wildife Holidays Ecotours adventure!

Some news from the Croatia birding holiday in April 2019

We had a week-long birding trip to Croatia for a couple from Canada with Milan as their guide. The whole trip went very well, we had great luck with the weather since the middle of April was very rainy. From Zagreb we travelled to Istria peninsula stopping a few times on the way, where our guests already had some lifers. Next day we visited the island of Cres taking the ferry across. On the island while driving we saw one of the highlights of the tour, Griffon Vultures circling above us. Within a few minutes we saw 14 (!!) vultures, some of them really close. After Cres we visited Paklenica NP, Lake Vrana and Pag Island. Paklenica was nice as always, but not easy to walk for our guests, so we did not venture far into the gorge. At Lake Vrana and Pag Island Daniel and Merrilee enjoyed photographing many species. Highlights were Montague's Harrier, Rock Partridge, Glossy Ibis, Crag Martin, Alpine Swift and Blue Rock Thrush. Next stop was Plitvice, a very nice place, but also very crowded. Still we saw some nice birds and had great views of White-throated Dipper. On the next stop along the Sava river we had good birding again finding Black Stork, Black Tern, Lesser Spotted Eagle among others. We have seen 109 species of birds during the trip, plus some nice reptiles, butterflies, plants and beautiful habitats.

Ethiopia birding tour trip report 2018

We had a very productive birding tour in Ethiopia in 2018. please see the trip report of Attila. And we are already preparing for this years tour in November. There are still a few places left.

Belarus trip report 2018

Belarus is still one of our favourite birding tour destinations in Europe. We uploaded the trip report of Rockjumper's birding tour Enjoy!

New videos from the Snow Leopard tours in Mongolia

We uploaded the videos of the 2017-2018's Mongolian wildlife holidays. Some exciting Snow Leopard sightings!
You can also read the trip report about the extension to Terelj NP and Gun Galuut.

New Trip Reports of 2017's birding tour in Mongolia

We uploaded the trip report of the amazing Mongolia birding tour with lots of photos.
You can also read the trip report of the Slovakia birding tour .

New Trip Reports of 2015's birding tours

We uploaded the trip report of the amazing Mongolia birding tour with lots of photos.
You can also read the trip report of the Slovakia birding tour .

New video about birding in Slovenia and Croatia

On the British Birdwatching Fair 2015 Balazs gave a very successful lecture about the birds, wildlife, stunning landscapes and medieval cities of Slovenia and Croatia. Please enjoy the footage he used.

Photos of the birding tour in Mongolia June 2015

Check out the new photo gallery of the birding tour in Mongolia!

New itineraries in 2015

General Wildlife Holiday in Slovenia
Butterfly Holiday in Slovenia

New photos and blog post from the Birding Tour in Slovakia April 2015

See our photo gallery!
Read our blog post!

New Trip report photos and videos of the Birding Tour in Ethiopia December 2014

We uploaded the trip report along with some amazing photos and videos captured during this amazing 17 days birding tour with 490 bird and 37 mammal species seen.
You can see also photos of the birding tour and the videos of Ethiopian Wolf or Rouget's Rail among many others taken by Attila.

New Trip report of the Birding Tour in Turkey April 2014

We uploaded the trip report for this amazing tour around the Black Sea visiting Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. You can also read about the bird watching adventures on our blog.

Videos of the birding tour in Slovakia and Belarus Spring 2014

Enjoy the videos!
Birding tour videos Slovakia
Birding tour videos Belarus

New photos in the bird photography hide galleries

The season started very early and we have some spectacular new photos in the Winter bird photo tour gallery and also new photos from the Mobile and Waterside Hides. From our bird photo hides you can also take superb close-up videos like Balazs did in this spring.

A selection of our best bird videos from 2013

We enjoyed last year's birding tours throughout Eastern Europe and Mongolia. We would like to share with you some of the best moments we were able to record during these birdwatching trips. During the tours our guides take short videos of some of the species we see, after everybody had a good look. This selection includes footage from our trips to Belarus , Hungary , Romania , Mongolia, Ukraine. We compiled the best ones, mostly taken by Balazs, and always using the newest Swarovski scope and photo adapter. These images reflect some of the highlights of our birding tours and hopefully evoke various great moments.

New video and trip report on Mongolia 2013

Have you ever wondered about birding in Mongolia? We uploaded the video made to present this spectacular trip at the Rutland Birdfair. It's a 17 minutes video with breath-taking landscapes to show the very varied habitats: steppe lakes, mountain taiga forests, subalpine, and alpine regions, rocky slopes, river valleys, stone and sand desert; and the great variety of birds. Watching this video you can also get an impression about the atmosphere, the catering, the transport and the good fun.
We also uploaded 2013's Trip report.

New photos, videos from our Autumn birding tours in Hungary

Here are the new photos from the latest birding tours in Hungary:
Migration special tour – photo gallery: Our Migration special birding tour in Hungary during the first week of September produced a wonderful variety of migrating and resident birds.
Crane spectacular videos: New videos with beutifullights and colors, roosting Cranes in the sunset. Enjoy!

Hide photography tour galleries updated

The hide photography tours were very productive.
In our galleries you can see breathtaking professional photos taken this year in our hides.There are also some new testimonials but the photos speak for themselves.

Black-winged Stilt at the waterside photography hide by Mark Curley

Black-winged Stilt at the waterside photography hide by Mark Curley

New videos of the 2013 tours

Enjoy the new videos from this year's birding tours!
Slovakia birding tour
Belarus birding holiday
Ukraine bird watching tour

We got some beautiful photos of the 2013 Mongolia birding tour 2013

Please visit the gallery to have an impression about this ramarkable tour in the land of Genghis Khan with endless blue skies, the spectacular Gobi Desert, the Altai Mountains and the unique Asian steppes in search of the many species that characterize the area, some of them very difficult to see elsewhere.

Winter Hungary tour, March 2013

The Winter Hungary birding tour visited Lake Tata and Kiskunsag National Park early March. We were just lucky with the weather having sunshine and good birding most days. In Tata we experienced good woodpecker activity with 3 Balck Woodpeckers chasing each other above us, Middle and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker drumming and calling. We also had good views of roosting Long-eared Owls, Hawfinch, Bullfinch and Short-toed Treecreeper. The grasslands and fish ponds of Kiskunsag were as productive as ever. Raptors were plentiful, we had great views of 2 Sakers close to their nest box, 2 immature Imperial Eagles, at least 8 White-tailed Eagles, several Rough-legged Buzzards, Hen and Marsh Harriers and a nice adult Peregrine. We saw a big flock of Great Bustards feeding and then flying off and a little later 3 males lekking. Ferruginous Ducks and Garganeys were already back in good numbers. Large flocks of Greater White-fronted and Greylag Geese were everywhere and we were fortunate to pick up a single Lesser White-fronted Goose among them. But the stars were Red-breasted Geese. We had a sizeable flock of 39 birds near Boddi-szek and then 6 birds very close to the road at Apaj. Have a look at what our guests said at the end of the holiday.

Winter Hide Photography

Our new winter hides in Hungary and Serbia have been busy with photographers during the last few months. White-tailed Eagle, Rough-legged and Common Buzzard were regular at the hides and provided good photo opportunities. At the feeders Middle and Great Spotted Woodpecker, Hawfinch as well as tits and finches were busy feeding and drinking. Have a look at the new photo gallery and videos.

Crane Spectacular Hungary, October – November 2012

We have had 3 Crane Spectacular holidays in Hungary after each other. Crane migration was really spectacular this year with record numbers of 110,000 Common Cranes in the Hortobagy. We have witnessed 55,000 of them flying into their roost at Hortobagy Fishponds, which was really mind blowing. Long-eared Owl roosts were also very popular with our guests this year as were Great Bustards with fabulous views of feeding and flying birds. Hortobagy had some other fine birds with Red-breasted Goose, flocks of Dotterels, Rough-legged Buzzard, lovely Penduline and Bearded Tits. In the Bukk Hills we had great views of Ural Owl, White-backed, Middle Spotted, Grey-headed and Black Woodpecker. Have a look at the videos.

New trip reports added to the site

We added 3 trip reports of our recent holidays. Enjoy!




Birds and Bears, Danube Delta and the land of Dracula, August – September 2012

We have had 2 fabulous holidays in Romania at the end of August early September. We saw 4 Brown Bears in the Carpathian Mountains, Levant Sparrowhawk, Saker Falcon, Marsh, Terek and Broad-billed Sandpiper, Black-winged Pratincole, Pied Wheatear and Paddyfield Warbler at the Black Sea Coast, as well as hundreds of White Pelicans, Glossy Ibises and Ferruginous Ducks in the Danube Delta. Have a look at the videos.

Small mammal holiday in Hungary, September 2012

Our group enjoyed an incredible sighting of a Wolf walking across on the path one evening. We also had 18 species of bats, Eatsren Mole Rat, Forest Dormouse, Miller's Watershrew and a nice array of birds, butterflies and dragonflies.

Mongolia, June 2012

We have had an incredible tour this June with all target species seen including Oriental Plover (8 birds, one from 3 meters, full summer plumage), White-naped Crane, Henderson’s Ground Jay, Saxual Sparow, White-winged Scoter, Bar-headed and Swan Goose, Falcated Duck, Daurian Partridge, Upland Buzzard, Saker Falcon, Himalayan Griffon, Bearded Vulture, Amur Falcon, Eastern Marsh Harrier, Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Mongolian and Asian Short-toed Lark, Pere David’s Snowfinch, Siberian Rubythroat, Orange-flanked Bluetail, Beautiful and Long-tailed Rosefinch, Azure Tit, Red-throated Thrush, Kozlov’s and Brown Accentor, Daurian Redstart, Asian Desert Warbler, White-cheecked and Daurian Starling, Mongolian Finch, Pallas’s Reed, Godlewski’s, Meadow, Black-faced and Pine Bunting. Mammals were also well represented with sightings of Wolf, Tarbagan Marmot, Long-tailed Ground Squirrel, Siberian Chipmunk, Brandt’s Vole, Mongolian Five-toed and Gobi Jerboa, Midday Jird, Daurian Pika, Daurian Hedgehog, Corsac Fox, Wild Horse, Mongolian Gazelle and Tolai Hare. Please have a look at the videos made in June.

Tours to Belarus, Spring 2012

We have had a great Spring season again in Belarus with 5 tours completed from the end of April to the middle of May. We again had fabulous views of most target species including the lovely Azure Tit, the magnificent Great Grey Owl and the rare Aquatic Warbler. We watched Great Snipes jumping and moaning at their lek site, we saw thousands of colourful Ruffs fighting and displaying, we enjoyed herds of Bisons roaming through the forest, we watched a Wolf crossing the road in front of the van, we saw several Beavers swimming and even leaving the water and had many many memorable moments with our groups. Trip reports, pictures and videos will follow. We received some nice comments from tour participants, you can read them here: Testimonials

Holiday in Ghana, February 2012

We had a great trip again to Ghana from 18th February to 4th March. During 2 weeks we saw a record of 404 bird species with prolonged views of such gems as Yellow-headed Picathartes, Long-tailed Hawk, Red-necked Falcon, Egyptian Plover, Black-headed Lapwing, Forbes's Plover, Western Bronze-naped and Afep Pigeon, Fraser's Eagle Owl, Red-chested Owlet, Chocolate-backed Kingfisher, Blue-headed Bee-eater, Brown-cheeked and Yellow-casqued Hornbill, Rufous-sided Broadbill, Rufous-rumped Lark, Western Bearded Greenbul, Red-cheeked Wattle-eye, Puvel's Illadopsis, Forest Penduline Tit, Tit-hylia, Spotted Creeper, Sooty Boubou, Copper-tailed Glossy Starling, Speckle-fronted Weaver and Magpie Mannikin. Mammals were also well represented with Olive Colobus, 4 species of bats, Western Hartebeest and Red-flanked Duiker. Have a look at the videos uploaded, pictures and trip report will follow.

Ghana videos

Videos added to the site

We added short videos of several interesting species made in Mongolia and Belarus during our tours in 2011. Have a look.

Mongolia videos

Belarus videos

Trip reports added to the site

As part of the ongoing updating of our site several trip reports have been added to provide further insight into our tours. Enjoy!


Bulgaria Spring

Bulgaria Autumn


Hungary Cranes

Hungary November

Hungary March



Romania Autumn





Hungary Small mammals

British Birdwatching Fair 2011

It has been great to see many of you during another very sucessful Birdfair, thanks for visiting our new stand and especially for supporting us in our talks.

Birding in the Ultimate East of Europe
Thursday 19 April – Friday 27 April 2012
No doubt “flavour of the month” is Belarus, with many good reasons, and we are happy to be the ones who started this wonderful destination a few years ago (with the cooperation of the Belarus State Travel Agency) and since then we have run several very successful tours, and also learned a lot about how to move around the bureaucracy.
Next year we have 6 tours surely running, and some places are available on the above date. Again we will be looking for Azure tit, Hazel Grouse, Great Snipe, Great Grey Owl, Spotted and Lesser Spotted Eagle, thousands of displaying Ruff, Terek Sandpiper, Marsh Sandpiper and Smew just to mention a few species.

Saturday 9 June – Friday 22 June 2012
We are very happy that our newest star, Mongolia received a lot of attention and interest, and surely this amazing country will become a prime wildlife destination in the coming years. We are almost certain that following the two recces by Balazs the first tour with the pioneers will run in June 2012. We are very excited as Mongolia has incredible potential in terms of birds, wildlife and scenery.
Some of the highlights will include: White-winged Scoter, Saker, Uppland Buzzard, Henderson’s Ground Jay, Saxual Sparrow, Long-tailed and Beautiful Rosefinch, Kozlov’s, Brown and Siberian Accentor, Syberian Rubythroat, Daurian Redstart, Güldenstaedt Redstart, Pere David’s Snowfinch, Lammergeier, Himalayan Vulture, Black Vulture, Steppe Eagle, Pallas’s Fish-Eagle, Wallcreeper, Azure Tit, Bar-headed and Swan Goose, Falcated Duck, Baikal Teal, Demoiselle and White-naped Crane, Daurian Jackdaw, Amur Falcon, Oriental Plover, Asian Desert Warbler, Pallas’s Sandgrouse, etc. Mammals: Wolf, Thaki (Prezwalski Horse), Altai or Siberian Ibex, Corsac Fox, Daurian Pica, Alpine Marmot, Long-tailed Souslik.

Hide Photography
April to October
Our new photo hides have started to work and new hides are on the way, so by next year we will be able to provide opportunities for more than 60 species, including Red-footed Falcon, Pygmy Cormorant, Bee-eater, Roller, several species of herons, Black-winged Stilt, Ruff, Little Ringed Plover, songbirds, woodpeckers, White-winged and Whiskered Terns, etc.

Crane Spectacular
Saturday 15 October – Saturday 22 October 2011
Finally, to our delight many of you favour our extraordinary Hungary Autumn trip to see the hundreds of thousands of Common Cranes arriving to the night roost, and of course all the supporting cast including Saker, Eastern Imperial Eagle, over forty Long-eared Owls, Ural Owl, Lesser and Greater White-fronted Goose, White-backed, Middle Spotted, Black, Grey-headed and Syrian Woodpeckers.

Our aim to become the first choice for birdwatching and wildlife holidays in Eastern Europe is becoming a reality. Apart from the many returning clients, private groups and bird societies we continue working with Speyside Wildlife, Naturetrek, The Travelling Naturalist/Limosa, Avian Adventures, Rockjumper/Indri Tours, Sarus Birdtours, ScotNature, Dominic Couzens, Birdwatching Breaks, Wildwings/Wild Insight, Greentours, etc.

bird photography and birding tours Hungary and Eastern Europe - Bee-eater on a branch

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