Mammal Holidays
Europe/Hungary and Slovakia

Ecotours Wildlife Holidays was one of the first companies to develop batwatching and small mammal tours. Our holidays offer hands-on views of 15-20 bat species, several rarely recorded mice and shrews, three species of dormice and Lesser Mole Rat. We visit huge house-dwelling bat colonies, wonderful caves and use mistnetting at drinking and feeding sites or at swarming caves.
Our local guides are National Park rangers with expert knowledge and many years of experience in monitoring and protecting bats, small mammals and their habitats. Most visits to bat caves and colonies are done through the annual census for the monitoring of colonies and therefore mean no additional disturbance to the animals. On some occasions we visit the colonies in shifts of 4-5 people at the same time in order to secure the peace of the animals.
We also track larger mammals during our birdwatching holidays, such as Brown Bears in Romania, European Bison and Elk in Poland and Belarus, European Beaver, Otter, Beech Marten, Wildcat, Chamois and the likes in Eastern Europe.

Mammal Holiday

Ultimate small mammal holiday

Hungary and Slovakia, 7 days

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