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Birding holidays


Demoiselle Crane, Oriental Plover, Siberian Rubythroat © Prof Sundev Gombobaatar


The land of vast steppe grasslands, nomadic horsemen and yurts, where once Genghis Khan ruled his vast Mongol empire has yet more to offer. From the endless Gobi desert to the slopes of the Altai Mountains covered with beautiful evergreen forests, this country provides unspoilt scenery, stunning landscapes and a mouth watering array of species including Swan Goose, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Himalayan Griffon, Upland Buzzard, Amur Falcon, Altai Snowcock, White-naped and Demoiselle Crane, Oriental Plover, Relict Gull, Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Mongolian Lark, Azure Tit, Mongolian (Kozlov’s) Accentor, Henderson’s Ground Jay and Saxual Sparrow. Accommodation is in comfortable hotels and in Ger camps, the traditional Mongolian way.

Holiday in Mongolia

Wilderness in the heart of Asia

Mongolia, 13 days ground tour

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Snow Leopard and the amazing birds of Mongolia

Mongolia, 10 days ground tour

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  • Swan Goose
  • Falcated Duck
  • Pallas’s Fish Eagle
  • Upland Buzzard
  • Amur Falcon
  • Altai Snowcock
  • White-naped Crane
  • Demoiselle Crane
  • Oriental Plover
  • Relict Gull
  • Pallas’s Sandgrouse
  • Mongolian Lark
  • Mongolian Accentor
  • Henderson’s Ground Jay
  • Saxual Sparrow
  • Siberian Rubythroat
  • Daurian Partridge
  • Black-billed Capercaillie
  • Bar-headed Goose
  • Ruddy Shelduck
  • Stejneger’s Scoter
  • Lammergeier
  • Himalayan Griffon
  • Saker Falcon
  • Lesser Kestrel
  • Mongolian Gull
  • Pallas’s Gull
  • Asian Short-toed Lark
  • Blyth’s Pipit
  • Brown Accentor
  • Alpine Accentor
  • Daurian Redstart
  • Red-throated Thrush
  • Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler
  • Yellow-browed Warbler
  • Dusky Warbler
  • Thick-billed Warbler
  • Asian Desert Warbler
  • White-crowned Penduline-tit
  • Azure Tit
  • Wallcreeper
  • White-cheeked Starling
  • Daurian Starling
  • Azure-winged Magpie
  • Long-tailed Rosefinch
  • Great Rosefinch
  • Beautiful Rosefinch
  • Pere David’s Snowfinch
  • Mongolian Finch
  • Pine Bunting
  • Black-faced Bunting
  • Pallas’s Reed Bunting
  • Godlewski’s Bunting
  • Meadow Bunting