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Birding holidays

Dragonfly Holidays

The vast Pannonian lowlands of Hungary are watered by many meandering rivers and streams providing a broad variety of habitats for dragonflies. The steppes of the Great Plain are dotted with alkaline lakes and seasonal marshes, harbouring a characteristic odonate fauna. The forested hills in the northeast and the west are home to further species with different habitat requirements. 62 dragonfly species have been reported from Hungary and during a week long dedicated holiday it is possible to see up to 35 species.
The temporary lakes of Hortobágy and Kiskunság national parks host Dark Spreadwing, Spotted and Southern Darter. Yellow-spotted Whiteface has a stronghold at Kolon Lake in Kiskunság. Lilypad Whiteface and Eurasian Baskettail can be found along the river Tisza. Green Hawker can be found at the upper Tisza where stands of Water Soldier provide habitat.
Our holidays visit some of the best sites in Hungary, which are also home to many interesting birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Tours are lead by local dragonfly experts with many years of experience.
On request we can also set up a tailor made tour to suit your requirements or wish list.

Dragonfly Holiday

Hungarian butterfly and dragonfly holiday

Hungary, 8 days

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  • Beautiful Demoiselle
  • Banded Demoiselle
  • Common Spreadwing
  • Robust Spreadwing
  • Migrant Spreadwing
  • Small Spreadwing
  • Dark Spreadwing
  • Western Willow Spreadwing
  • Common Winter Damsel
  • Common Bluetail
  • Small Bluetail
  • Common Bluet
  • Variable Bluet
  • Azure Bluet
  • Ornate Bluet
  • Dainty Bluet
  • Spearhead Bluet
  • Large Redeye
  • Small Redeye
  • Large Red Damsel
  • Blue Featherleg
  • Migrant Hawker
  • Blue-eyed Hawker
  • Green-eyed Hawker
  • Brown Hawker
  • Blue Hawker
  • Green Hawker
  • Blue Emperor
  • Lesser Emperor
  • Vagrant Emperor
  • Hairy Hawker
  • Common Clubtail
  • River Clubtail
  • Green Snaketail
  • Small Pincertail
  • Balkan Goldenring
  • Sombre Goldenring
  • Downy Emerald
  • Brilliant Emerald
  • Yellow-spotted Emerald
  • Eurasian Baskettail
  • Four-spotted Chaser
  • Broad-bodied Chaser
  • Blue Chaser
  • Black-tailed Skimmer
  • White-tailed Skimmer
  • Southern Skimmer
  • Keeled Skimmer
  • Broad Scarlet
  • Common Darter
  • Moustached Darter
  • Southern Darter
  • Red-veined Darter
  • Yellow-winged Darter
  • Ruddy Darter
  • Spotted Darter
  • Black Darter
  • Banded Darter
  • Lilypad Whiteface
  • Yellow-spotted Whiteface